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Donors to the Support for the
Girls Advisory Committees Project

Thank you to the following who have made donations to this project.

Nancy Horn
Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs
Tom Amos
Arthur Andersen
Dale Andersen
Patricia Bailey
Evelyn Barnes
C. Wesley Barnett
Dale R. Bartley
Danielle Bolks
Patricia Egan Bolles
Josh & Babette Brackett
Mark Lewis Brecker
Sally Collier Caiola
John & Nancy Calcagni
Deborah Casey
Wayne Charlie
Barbara Bailey Clark
Ginna Coon
Carol Christensen Cordy
Gloria Gieseke Curtis
Loretta Huber Davis
Carl Dean
Victoria Dodge
Denny Donahue
Charles Eilers
Dexter Fairbanks
Barbara Fontaine
Lee Gallery
Kenneth Gentili
Doris Mueller Goldstein
Charles "Sam" Greer
Mavis Baatz Habte
Scott Hand
Beverly Hays
Mrs. Jack Haugsnes
Beverly Hays
James Heckman
Stevie & Tom Hoffman
Bob Horn
Richard Howrigan
Ann Joyce
Dona Kelley
Kathleeen Kemp
Peggy Preston Kharraz
Robert Hyman Koral
John Kulczycki
David Landes
Linda Lewin
Patricia Lowther
Robert Matthai
Douglas & Susan McLeod
Mary Moreau
Rosemary Murphree
Christine Pattee
Lee Plate
E. John Prebis
Greg Pyle
Sarah Pentico Samuel
Diane Schroeder
Penolope Rude Scott
William Seraile
Emma Spaulding
John Stauffer
Marsha Smith Stone
Jane Sweeney
Tom Syre
Karen Viskochil
Jonathan Wechsler
Judy & Mike White
In memory of Ong Hock Chew and Hans & Helen Andersen
Dale Andersen
RPCV Legacy Program - an activity of E&E RPCVs



Fuller Torrey

Honorary Champions
Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs
Kathleen Moore

Gela & Shelly Altman
Margaret Wagner Bertucco
Cameron & Margaret Bonner
Phyllis Bravinder
Mark Lewis Brecker
Jack Cahill
Walt Galloway
Scott Hand
Janice Robison Jedkins
John Kulczycki
Lewis Lennon
Lynn Lilienthal
Lois Thiessen Love
Robert Matthai
Julie Drinkard Matthews
Christian & Janet Messenger
Norman & Margie Muilenburg
Thomas Ridgik
Sarah Pentico Samuel
William Seraile
Larry Simmons
Dane & Judy Smith
Joe Tenn
Karen Viskochil
E. Thomas Williams

In honor of Michael Morden (Ethiopia VI)
Greta Little

In memory of H. Donald Wilson, Director, Peace Corps Ethiopia 1964 to 1966
Hugh and Suzanne Clark

In memory of deceased Ethiopia XVI RPCVs
Edna Connley, Mary Anne and Ed Kaiser, Dan Lunty,
Maureen Moede and Pat Roberts
Marilea Swenson

  • $50 can give 1 rural healthcare worker 2 important reference books on HIV/AIDS and general medical care.
  • $100 can give 2 rural healthcare workers 2 important reference books on HIV/AIDS and general medical care.
  • $250 can provide a school, hospital or clinic with a "Healthcare Library of 10 books and 3 pamphlets.
  • Make a gift in your name or in honor or memory of someone else.
  • Pay by check or secure credit card transaction.