RPCV Legacy Program - an activity of E&E RPCVs

TARTED IN 2004 by the Ethiopian registered NGO Mega Vision Developmental Association (MVDA), the Borana Student Advancement project provides summer classes for selected students from the Borana region in far southern Ethiopia. Classes are taught in Borana towns by university students who come from that region. In 2004, the first year of the program, over 200 students (2/3 males, 1/3 females) from grades 4 to 8 were taught by 17 university students in two towns, Mega and Hidilola.
     Students in the Borana region are disadvantaged both because many of their families are semi-nomads, and also because initial school teaching is done in the local language (Oromiffa) and so their skills in Amharic and English are behind those of students in many other Ethiopian regions. Consequently the students find it difficult to compete in national exams and for university entrance. This project attempts to level the playing field by providing Borana students with additional training in Amharic, English, mathematics, and the sciences. It also provides badly needed summer jobs for university students from this region.
     MVDA has also initiated a program to provide educational material support for girls who, as we all know, face serious obstacles in getting an education in Ethiopia. During the school year of 2006–07 the program supported 40–50 girls chosen on the basis of their scholastic performance. They received funding for school uniforms, books, school supplies and residential house rental cost for those who do not live with their parents.
     The Borana Student Advancement project is administered by Teshome Shibre Kelkile, M.D., Ph.D. and Woizero Tirufat Bekele.

For more information about this project, contact project champion
Fuller Torrey (Ethiopia staff: physician 1964–66) at torreyf@stanleyresearch.org

Donors to the project
  • $35 can give 6 disadvantaged boys and girls summer advancement courses in English, math and science.
  • $70 can give 12 disadvantaged boys and girls summer advancement courses in English, math and science.
  • $120 can keep 1 disadvantaged girl in school for a full year.
  • Make a gift in your name or in honor or memory of someone else.
  • Pay by check or secure credit card transaction.