Speakers for the country updates for Ethiopia and Eritrea

Presented by Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs
Saturday, June 22  3–5 p.m.
Omni Shoreham Hotel — room to be announced

This program is open only to returned Volunteers who served in Ethiopia and Eritrea

Leo Cecchini (Asmara 62–64)
E&E RPCV, Steering Committee, former enCORPS Director, Chair of E&E Peace Iniative, Board of Directors of the National Peace Corps Association, Chairman of NPCA Peace Committee.
The speakers will stimulate lively discussion of the present status of the border between the two countries, prospects for continued non-hostilities, and the future of the two regimes.
Imru Zelleke
Member of Emperor Haile Selassie's government who was present at the handover of Eritrea by Britain to Ethiopia and other major historical events. Imre has lived in the USA for several years and is a major critic of the current regime. A most valuable resource with first hand knowledge.
Dr. Ted Vestal (Peace Corps/Ethiopia Staff: 63–65
Named "Outstanding Professor" at Oklahoma State University in 2001. Author of, "Ethiopia: A Post Cold War African Country", in which he calls on the Ethiopian regime to become more democratic. Ted has also been an expert witness at US court cases involving Ethiopians.
Wayne Kessler (Adi Teclesan 64–66)
Wayne will return in May from over five years living and working in Eritrea with his own business and as the enCORPS Representative there. He will have a fresh, first hand view of current events in Eritrea as well as plenty of background to put them into perspective.
Dr. John Rude (Tessenie, Adi Ugri 62–64
John has been honored by the Eritrean Government for his tireless efforts to make the country better known in the USA.
David Gurr (Addis Ababa 62–64)
E&E RPCVs Steering Committee, enCORPS Director and part of our Peace Initiative team, David will review the current status of the ceasefire and border resolution being done by the UN. David will also briefly review our efforts to be of assistance in bringing a peaceful resolution to the tragic 1998–2000 war.
Dr. Neal Sobania (Addis ababa 68–72)
A professor of history at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, who will lead a visit to a Smithsonian museum display of Ethiopia art and tell us a bit about art and culture in Ethiopia today.
Richard Haas (Dembidolo, Addis Ababa 67–69)
Founded The American Friends Foundation for Childbirth Injuries to aid the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. He will tell about that effort.
Marian Haley Beil
Chairperson of E&E RPCVs, former member of the NPCA Board of Directors. One of the founders of Peace Corps Writers. Marian will update us on our organization and its activities.
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