Our Peace Corps friends who are participating in Conference presentations
Thursday, June 20
The 2nd Annual National Peace Corps Association Business Symposium
The Nexus of Peace Corps and Business Values:
Creating and Sustaining Competitive and Socially Responsible Businesses

Luncheon speaker:
Sandra Jaffee
(Addis Ababa 66–68), Executive Vice President, Citibank.

Participating on a panel probing the issues of corporate governance, environmental citizenship, and community outreach:
Susan Heck (Addis Ababa 67–69) Sr. Vice President, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and community activist

Friday, June 21
9:00 am – 10:00 am
Opening Ceremony
Karen DeWitt (Ghion 66–68) will participate.

1:00 pm – Room Classic A
Write! Edit! Publish!
When you absolutely, positively MUST write: How do you find readers? How do you support your habit? When can you find critique and solace? These professional writers tell you how to write, edit, and get your writing published.

    Panelists include:
    David Arnold (Asbe Tefari 64–66), editor of WorldView magazine
    Richard Lipez (Debre Marcos, Addis Ababa 62–64), author of the Don Strachey private-eye novels, written under the name of Richard Stevenson;
    John Woods (Jimma 65–68), author of The Quotable Executive.

2:00 – 3:00pm Room: Classic A
Poetry from the Peace Corps Experience
No experience is wasted on a writer, especially a poet. How do RPCV poets use the material they gained from the Peace Corps experience? Where do they publish their poems?

    Panelists include:
    Margaret Szumowski (Addis Ababa 74–75) is the author of the chapbook, Ruby’s Café, and a full-length collection, I Want This World.

3:00pm –4:00pm Room: Forum
ePublishing and Self Publishing
Your Peace Corps Story: Computers and the Internet offer RPCV writers a wonderful opportunity make their "Peace Corps book" a reality while avoiding the hassles and heartbreaks of dealing with agents and publishers. These writers will tell of their experiences with epublishing and self-publishing, and will share some dos and don'ts.

    Marian Haley Beil (Debre Berhan 62–64) is the publisher of PeaceCorpsWriters.org.
    Panelists include:
    John Coyne (Addis Ababa 62–64) is the editor of PeaceCorpsWriters.org and Living On The Edge: Fiction by Peace Corps Writers. He lives in Pelham Manor, New York.

4:00–5:00pm Room: Forum
The Peace Corps Novel as Literature
Can the Peace Corps experience be transformed into fiction? What are the pitfalls of such fiction or creative nonfiction? Has the Peace Corps experience been transformed into remarkable fiction? What are the literary themes being developed by RPCV writers?

    John Coyne (Ethiopia), editor of http://PeaceCorpsWriters.org and Living on the Edge: Fiction by Peace Corps Writers.

Travel Now, Write Later 
Peace Corps volunteers come home with a love to travel, and many PRCVs have published books, articles, and made careers writing about where they have been. These published writers explain how they turned their travel experience into articles and books.

    Richard Lipez
    Panelists include:
    Hayward Allen (Harar 62–64), author of two traveler’s guides to Native America is currently the editor of Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCV news magazine, The Herald.

Saturday, June 22
10 am – 11am   Room: Governor’s
How to Write A Peace Corps Novel in 101 Days or Less

How many times have you finished reading a novel and said, "I could have written that book." You know what? You’re right. If you can write a simple English sentence, (after all, that’s what Ernest Hemingway wrote) are alert to the world around you, and want to write a salable novel, then you can do it. In this workshop you find out how to write a best selling novel in 101 days or less.

    John Coyne

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Room: Executive
These professional RPCV writers discuss the different paths (and what it takes) to establishing a career as a writer in newspapers, magazines, and television.

    Panelists include: John Coyne; Karen DeWitt, a writer/producer. She has been a staff writer for The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, and a senior producer at ABC’s “Nightline.”

Sunday, June 23
Morning, Arlington National Cemetary
Closing ceremonies

    Harris Wofford (PC/Ethiopia Country Director 62–64) will speak.

Date and time unknown
Peace and the Peace Corps: A Lifelong Commitment
The goal and operative word of the Peace Corps is peace. This is a lifelong commitment and we must continue to work for this noble objective beyond our brief volunteer experience. In this workshop we will examine three aspects
of peace, The "Just War", Conflict Resolution, and Prospects for Peace in Afghanistan. We will then review what the NPCA and its affiliates are doing to promote peace.

    Leo Cecchini (Asmara 62-64), Chairman, National
    Peace Corps Association Committee on Peace and Conflict Resolution. Panelists include:
    David Gurr (Ethiopia), Director, EnCORPS;

Point to Your Future Career: Identify Your Motivating Skills and Interests
Through stories of past and present activities, identify major skill sets and interests. Learn how to use this information to clarify career paths or possible occupations to further research. Gain a perspective of the career planning process and how to make your skills and accomplishments work for you in decision-making and the job search.

    Sue Hoyt Aiken (Addis Ababa 62-64), chair, Career Development Program and associate professor, John F. Kennedy University.

Removing the Effects of Racism
Racism has been a key obstacle in cross-cultural understanding, and as Peace Corps Alumni, we have an inherent interest in understanding and changing the ways that racism has affected people’s lives. This participatory event will expose the mechanisms of racism as it affects both people of color and white people, and reveal how it gets internalized and divides people from each other. We will offer tools based on the practice of Re-evaluation Counseling, to heal from the individual hurts of racism.

    Panelists include:
    Ellie Putnam (Addis Ababa 66–68), diversity consultant;

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