The Celebration of the
40+1 Anniversary of the Peace Corps

Look for NEW> for newly listed items. And check back often for additions.

The National Peace Corps Association, in conjunction with RPCVs of Washington, are sponsoring a celebration of the Peace Corps 40+1 anniversary in Washington, DC June 20th to 23rd.

To learn about the schedule of events for all conference attendees, go to Tentative Conference Schedule.

The E&E RPCVs is working to present a variety of events of special interest to our members. For the schedule of E&E RPCV events, see below.

Already 90 of our members are registered for the conference. To register for the conference, go to the NPCA web site: 40+1 Registration

Still to come at the NPCA website, a listing of those registered.

Those working to give E&E RPCVs a special celebration at the 40+1:
     Courtney Arnold
     Marian Beil
     Leo Cecchini
     John Coyne
     Dave Gurr
     Russ Mischeloff
     Sarah Samuel
     LaDena Schnapper
     Clare Shea
     Judy Smith

E&E RPCVs at the 40+1
The hotel that will be the center of activities, as well as the only one designated for sleeping accommodations, has been selected. It will be the Omni Shoreham. It is well located in a terrific area just off Connecticut Avenue, on Rock Creek Park northwest of downtown. The National Zoo is just a couple of blocks away, a subway stop is a block away, and many ethnic restaurants are nearby.

The hotel reservations are being handled differently from those for the last September event, There will be no online room reservations for this conference, plus they are requiring names and credit card information for each room reserved if reserving a block of rooms. Because this last item would be a logistic nightmare for our group, E&E RPCVs will not be reserving a block of rooms for our members — we ask that you contact the hotel directly to make your reservations.

(If you should want to reserve a block of 5 or more rooms for a group of friends, go to http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=455 for full information.)

The room rate at the Omni is $119 for a single or double. (With four people in a room that is only about $30 a night!) Reservations must be made by June 1 to qualify for the special conference rate. Rates are effective 3 days before and 3 days after conference dates. To get the special conference rate, tell the reservations agent you are with the National Peace Corps Association Conference when you make your reservation.

To make a reservation at the Omni Shoreham, call their toll free number at 1(800)THE-OMNI (1-(800)-843-6664). You can fax in your reservation request to (202) 756-5145.You must use a credit card, check or money order (in the amount of one nights' room and tax (14.5%) to guarantee the room.Check in is 3 pm and check out is noon.

For more about the hotel arrangements, go to http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=455
NEW> Home stays & hotel room sharing
To those in the DC area — Some of our group are looking for a place to stay for the conference. Would you be interested in opening your home to a fellow E&E RPCV? If so, please respond with the information on preferences and logistics and we will match your accommodations to people who are looking.

    * Can you host: a couple, single male(s), or single female(s)
    * How many?
    * Non-smoker(s) only or smoker is OK?
    * What accommodations can you offer - e.g. spare room, pull-out sofa, floor, etc.?
    * How many days would space be available?
    * Where are you located?
    * Is there transportation (bus or metro) to the conference site at the Omni Shoreham within reasonable distance?
    * Do you have any pets in the house?
    * Do you have any other preferences you would like to have observed?

    If you would like to be a host, please contact Sarah Samuel at slsamuel@worldnet.att.net

If you would like to stay at the home of an RPCV for the conference, please write Sarah Samuel at slsamuel@worldnet.att.net Tell her how long you hope to stay, whether or not you are a smoker, couple or single, any other pertinant facts.

If you would like to share a hotel room, Sarah is also matching up people. Write her at slsamuel@worldnet.att.net

E&E RPCVs schedule
Thursday, June 20
8pm and later - Training groups should plan their mini-reunions for this time.

Ethiopia I will be having their gathering at a restaurant/bar near the Library of Congress (where the Congressional Reception will be held 6–8 pm). Particulars will follow.

If your training group is planning a mini-reunion, please a message to Marian Beil mhbeil@rochester.rr.com so that we can include information about it in subsequent mailings and on the web site. Marian would also be glad to send out email an email notice especially to those in your training group about a mini-reunion if you like.

Friday, June 21
Injera, wat and more
We will be having our main all Ethiopia-Eritrea gathering Friday evening — the time allotted in the conference schedule. Specifics are not yet firm but should include dinner and entertainment.

We realized that the NPCA has chosen to schedule a reunion for staff for 6-9 pm this same evening, and that we have both staff members and RPCVs who served on staff who would like to attend this event. Unfortunately, this is one of the crunches that the new schedule has generated, and we hope that those affected by the conflict will be able to join our celebration. 

Saturday, June 22
Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs Steering Committee meeting.
8 am–10am Omni Shoreham

Ethiopia and Eritrea Country Updates Presentation
The country-of-service updates are scheduled for 3–5 pm , and we will be having a program at that time. More later.

Fundraising reception and dinner
On the conference schedule for this evening is a fundraising reception and dinner (6-10 pm Omni Shoreham, tickets available by 3/15). E&E RPCVs will be putting together tables for this event. If you plan to attend, please let us know so that we can make sure you are seated with our group - this is, if you want to sit with our group! Write

Also on the conference schedule for this evening is a dance (8:30-1am Omni Shoreham, no cost for conference registrants, tickets at the door for non-registrants). These events are traditionally great fun - with lots of ethnic music that makes it impossible NOT to dance. Those going to the fundraiser can come to this event to top off their evening. E&E RPCVs will be putting together tables for this event as well. Let us know if you will attend so that we can get an approximation as to how many tables to have held. Write

Sunday, September 23
Procession of Flags & Closing Ceremony
8:00 a.m.
Plan to march behind the flag of Ethiopia or Eritrea as the conference attendees parade across the Memorial Bridge from the Lincoln Memorial, past the grave of John F. Kennedy, and onto a the closing ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery Amphitheater.
   Anyone who would like to take a turn carrying his/her country flag may do so — be sure to bring your camera so that the moment can be recorded for history!

Picnic at ball fields at 23rd and Constitution upon return from ceremony. Again, we will try to have an area for our members to gather.

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